Fish-Skull® Articulated Shank™
  • Fish-Skull® Articulated Shank™


    This innovative, multipurpose material is a key component for tying different styles of articulated streamers, such as single-hook and double-hook articulated streamers, poppers, and sliders, as well as in streamers that use a free-swinging stinger hook, such as intruder-style salmon and steelhead flies.


    • Quick and easy to tie
      Eliminates the need to sacrifice a hook to make a shank.

      Realistic movement
      Increases both tail action and overall fly length.

      Reduces the leverage a hooked fish typically places on a fly.

      Stainless steel 
      For saltwater use.

      Limitless combinations
      Combine with the Baitfish Head, Fish-Mask, or Sculpin Helmet to create irresistible, realistic streamer patterns.