Snow Runner
  • Snow Runner

    • Snow Runner
    • Translucent hair
    • length varies between 3″ and 10″
    • cost-effect hair wing material for big flies
    • brilliant colours
    • Product Description

      Snow Runner is the best hair wing material we have found for big flies. The hair originates from a fairly uncommon breed of farm animal that is domestically bred. The hair is slightly stiffer and more translucent than Icelandic Pony, or Arctic Runner, and does not mat in the water like Icelandic Sheep or Llama.  Our hides our hand picked for quality. Perfect for big steelhead flies, chinook salmon flies and saltwater patterns. Snow Runner is translucent and has a slight crinkle to the hair so that the wings retains volume in the water. The under fur and shorter guard hair has a texture that is somewhat between Polar Bear and Fox and is an excellent material for smaller flies, such as classic Atlantic hair wing patterns and steelhead patterns. The under fur that is combed out makes for a very good dubbing.  One patch will suffice for many wings making it a very cost-effective material. Snow Runner is also a perfect material for making your own brushes.

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