Solarez UV Resin
  • Solarez UV Resin

    Fly Tie Thin

    Low Viscosity (like 10 wt motor oil) Glossy, clear, non-yellowing.
    Cure to a hard, resilient finish.
    Use it to penetrate thread wraps & fibers and as a varnish over-coat


    BONE DRY Ultra-Thin

    Contains 0.5 oz (14gr) bottle of ULTRA-THIN formula with applicator brush. Super fast curing, thin glossy top coat.
    Suggested uses:
    Setting base of wings on Salmon flies, varnish over sand crabs or as a head cement. The nail brush applicator makes application even and easy.


    Fly Tie FLEX

    Glossy, clear, non-yellowing, flexible, extremely tough.
    Has just about 300% elongation.


    Fly Tie THICK-Hard

    Thick, glossy, clear, non-yellowing. For building bodies; head, thorax, carapace, eyeballs, adding ballast.