Superfine Dub Dispenser Natural

Superfine Dub Dispenser Natural

Superfine Dubbing Dispenser Natural Collection

Contains the following Semperfli Superfine Dubbing inside a dispenser for easy use!

Superfine Dubbing:

  • SF0050 Black
  • SF0350 Light Dun
  • SF1200 Polar Bear
  • SF1400 White
  • SF2000 Pale Brown
  • SF2200 Dark Brown
  • SF6000 Dark Olive
  • SF6200 Pale Olive
  • SF6450 Sage

Ice Dubbing:

  • SYN0100 Black
  • SYN6000 Peacock Green
  • SYN2050 Copper


Superfine Dubbing

This fly tying dubbing is as fine as you can get measuring approximately 17 microns, it was specially made to be ultrafine. The Blend is a special mixed blend is part of our superfine dubbing from our range of over 140 colours. The Semperfli dubbing can be purchases in single packs, in complete colour ranges or in the Semperfli Professional Dubbing System. The dubbing can be used standalone or mixed with the sparkle / ice dubbing and spiky dubbing for a great variety of effects.

You will find no finer dubbing than this! 


Superfine measuring just 17 microns this makes incredible fine dubbing. Long Strands the dubbing can be broken down and used as traditional dubbbing or spun to create detached body fly tying, great for dry flies!