Tube Hooks

  • single egg/tube hook
  • 2x strong
  • off-set
  • 15 degree up-eye
  • Product Description

    The most important quality of a hook is strength. It makes no sense to come on a fishing trip to catch that once in a lifetime 30 pounder and then loose the fish because the hook bent out. It happens, lots…. So, our advice: use relatively big hooks for better hook ups. Use 2x strong hooks. Then when you hook that once in a lifetime fish the hooks is not going to fail you.

    Our Single egg/Tube hooks are 2x strong, slightly off-set for better hooking (an off-set hook will “catch” much better then a hook without an off-set), and a 15 degree up-eye. They are available in sizes 1 and 1/0.

Option 1